I.Work is a boutique co-working office building that has six private office suites for rent.  We are ideally located on the edge of Stapleton, only one block from Stanley Marketplace, and a short drive to Park Hill, Lowry, and Fitzsimmons in Denver.  I.Work does not offer co-working options at this time.   The building is 2400 square feet and each office is approximately 150-200 square feet which leaves plenty of room for a large common area living room, kitchen and dining area with a pool table.  There is limited free parking for approximately four vehicles in the rear of the building and plenty of available street parking out front.  Offices can be rented on a short term or long term basis and the rent includes a private, secure office, secure 24/7 building access, wifi, coffee, beer on tap, a shower and access to all the building amenities.  

I.Work is ideal for remote workers, entrepreneurs and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods like Central Park who desire a different kind of office – one that doesn’t feel like a traditional office building, but rather has a unique character that reflects your business and personality yet maintains a professional environment for you and your visitors.  Our goal is to nurture a casually professional office environment for professionals who have mutual respect for one another and I.Work, seek a different kind of office environment, and who desire some comradery in a secure building close to Central Park.

About the owner:  

My name is Patrick Guinness and I am a self-employed resident of Central Park.   I have been self-employed most of my career and have worked both at home as well as at boutique office buildings around Denver.  I quickly gravitated away from traditional office buildings – it just felt too institutional to park my car in a large lot (often paying for parking), riding an elevator, and claiming my office suite amidst a sea of cubicles and cramped office suites.  I discovered a few boutique office buildings around town and Central Park, but as Denver traffic became busier my commute became intolerable.  I wanted to be close to home in Stapleton or Park Hill, but the only available co-working or office spaces weren’t quite right for me.  So I created I.Work to fill that gap and to be that office space I felt comfortable going to daily.  I like to call I.Work Private Office Suites my home office away from home – but it’s better.  Please check out my website (www.i-work.zone) and reach out to me for a tour.  You won’t be disappointed.  And on top of all this, we are more affordable than any of your other options in this area.